jueves, abril 27, 2006


Colegas y amigos, este tema que les traigo hoy es sencillamente fascinante, lamentablemente no hay mucha literatura en Español, por lo cual les prometo que traducire algunos apartes para proximas ediciones; acaban de llegarme 3 libros que ordene a traves de Amazon.com.
Este articulo lo encontre en un blog sobre buzz marketing y es del amigo Ashley a quien pueden encontrar en www.wombuzz.blogspot.com

Hasta la proxima!


An introduction to buzz marketing

Welcome to the beginnings of my blog exploring the world of buzz and word of mouth marketing.For those of you not at all or just somewhat aware of what buzz and word of mouth marketing are, today I plan to give a quick introduction and overview of the subject.Buzz marketing is a term used in the marketing industry to describe activities that companies undertake to generate favorable word of mouth publicity about products and services.You may already be familiar with some of the terms used interchangeably with buzz marketing such as: viral marketing,avalanche marketing, grass roots marketing and propagation marketing. This technique takes advantage of social networks to promote brand awareness.As the world of advertising gets more and more cluttered, it becomes difficult for marketers to reach their targets. Consumers are wary of ads and promotions, fearing that advertisers are just out to make a profit and really don’t care about their needs. This is where buzz marketing comes in.People are more likely to believe their friends or a person they pass on the street than the company who is trying to sell them something. Buzz marketing takes advantage of this by going straight to the people. They pick a few influential consumers in their target market, give them the product and ask them to spread the word about the product, thus creating “buzz.” Initially this was planned out and staged and the influencers were paid in one way or another to spread the word. Today there are organizations such as BzzAgent that tell their buzzers not to lie or even stay undercover, but just tout the products they believe in and tell those they talk to that they are “buzz agents.”With the advent of the internet,it has become easier than ever for marketers to spread their messages through word of mouth. Advertisers can go straight to chat rooms, message boards, instant messenger and email to get the word out about their products. Here the word spreads far and quick, a reason why this is sometimes called viral marketing- the messages spread like a virus would.This is just a brief overview of the topic of buzz marketing, but I hope you will come back as I dive more in depth into subjects such as criticisms, trends and current issues in buzz marketing.

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